1. VIP

VIP access is available!

It’s a private group with:
 1. Full videos
 2. 18+ content (selected idols only – collected – no request)
 3. 60++ idols and more to come
 4. Daily updates
 5. Ad-free (of course!)
 6. Free trial – just come and see

Can ASMRPleasure be trusted and legit?

We started our YouTube channel in 10/9/2020 and have uploaded non-stop ASMR videos every day till now.
We have collected over 5000+ videos of ASMR anchors, all of them is full and un-cut content.

Why we choose Telegram as the VIP platform?

 1. Online hosting is costly!
 2. YouTube censors our videos, both visual and audio
 3. Telegram is very user friendly – what we are looking for

Payment method

Crypto currency (almost every coins)
Alipay (please chat with our support to use)

VIP Group 

Currently, it has over 3000+ videos. It will be updated daily, both in videos and idols.
The group is carefully categorized, and the videos are full. Some of them is cut – but it is for stabilizing view only, as loading a big video is not good for your device.
Easily searching within the group. We are naming with format Anchor + year + month + day (example: Xiamo 夏茉 20220724), so if you want to search for anyone with specific day or month, just use search button on Telegram.

Our plan

We are not forcing our beloved viewers, into paying anything. 
We will keep updating videos and idols in YouTube and website.
As we said above, uploading videos in YouTube needs to follow their rules (while we all understand that relaxation has no boundaries), that’s why we need to cut the videos.
Meanwhile, it is very pricey using hosting for online videos. Ads cannot cover even a half of it – we are trying our best to keep the website live!
However, if you want a premium, seamless experience, just join our VIP group in Telegram.

How to join?

Just scan the QR code or message @ASMRPleasure_bot in Telegram. 
1. Take a free trial if you want. You can change the language that suits you.
2. Pay for the duration of the subscription.
3. Enjoy!

If there is any problems or need to update a specific idol and day, just message our support and we are happy to help.



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